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Why I’d Vote For A Man I Don’t Care For…

This weekend, Louisiana, Kentucky, Kansas, Maine, and Puerto Rico will have the chance to have a voice and let America know who they want to run our country. It is OUR vote, don’t let anyone take that away!


~Mahatma Gandhi Quote

Although some voters have yet to make their decision as to who they want to serve as the next POTUS, many of us have made up our mind and it is highly doubtful that our decisions will change from this point on regardless of how many times we hear Little Marco Rubio use the phrase ‘Hair Force One’ (it was funny the first dozen times, but then, he does like to repeat himself!) or how many different dishonest tactics Canadian Cruz uses and blames on a staff member when caught.

I am a democrat. Have always been a democrat like my father and his father before him. I’ll be honest, I am a democrat solely for that reason. I am not embarrassed to admit I have not voted in every election since I was of legal voting age. It was hit or miss. I was unable to vote in the 1980 election because of my September birthday. Although I was old enough to vote by the time the general election rolled around, I was not old enough for the primaries, disqualifying me to vote in November. But, in 1984 I was able (and did) vote for the same man I would have voted for in 1980 had I been able. And he was a Republican. So even though I am a democrat, my vote will always go to the best ‘candidate’, even if the best candidate isn’t necessarily the best man.

When Donald J Trump announced his candidacy last summer, I thought it was a publicity stunt. Seriously. I didn’t give it a second thought. Then, when I realized “WTH, he’s serious?” I decided right then and there that I would  not be voting for him. Not only I wasn’t going to vote for him, I would have bet real money against him winning the nomination, let alone the presidency.

Then I started paying attention.

I’ve never been one to get all passionate about politics or even any particular candidate. I’d listen with one ear. Yes, every vote counts and so on, I get it. Maybe because I didn’t understand politics well enough or maybe because I lacked respect for many of the politicians, whatever the reason, it didn’t get or keep my interest.

Until this year.

I started listening to the candidates. Tuning in to the debates. Staying up to see results from the primaries. Surfing the web for the latest news and polls. I became a politic junkie.

Because of Donald Trump.

This is where many readers will begin scribbling down their counter opinions. You’re entitled. I will undoubtedly also lose Twitter and Facebook followers. I seem to lose a dozen or so every time I post anything ‘Pro Trump’… c’est la vie. But, in all fairness, let me finish so that your retorts will be applicable.

(A post for another time: Why I couldn’t/wouldn’t vote for my first choice)

Come November, I will be voting for Donald Trump – the candidate. Not the man. There is a difference. As little as a month ago, I would have been embarrassed to admit that. (A month ago I was still hoping that Ben Carson could pull it together, as I believe he had much more to offer than people realized, but was too laid back to assert himself among the wolves) Now, I am not ashamed. I have heard Donald J Trump – the man, described as a narcissist. An egomaniac. Arrogant. A liar. A fraud. A bully, among many other negative adjectives (like having really small hands? Really Rubio?) I can’t say I disagree with most of them (But then, almost all of the candidates, blue and red, are these things to varying degrees.) Since I have never met him personally, I can only base my opinion on what I’ve seen from him during debates and interviews and what the media has shared (keeping in mind the media is seriously flawed).

Donald J Trump – the candidate, is also all of those things. And that is why so many people will be voting for him. He is not politically correct, he tells it like it is. He doesn’t care if you agree with him or even like him for it. He won’t kowtow and is not looking to become part of the good ‘ole boys establishment of Washington. Politics have been a part of our government for so long and our country is failing. Politicians can run around laying claim that we are the greatest country in the world, but we’re not. Most of us realize this. Trump realizes this.

People want to talk about Trump’s failures in business. Big deal. I’ve never heard of a businessman who didn’t experience failures, but that doesn’t necessarily make them a failure. Without failure, we never learn. Then we have “he didn’t do this or that, he won’t tell us about ____, he said the opposite ten years ago, yada, yada, yada”. We can sit and rip apart every candidate on things they did or said in the past. THE PAST. I don’t know about you, but I’ve said or done things in the past that I wouldn’t agree with or say/do again. We change. From change, we grow.

Donald Trump possesses the exact qualities I want to see in my next president. Those qualities may make him a lousy husband. Possibly a lousy friend. But, that doesn’t concern me since I don’t have to live my day-to-day life with him. I want a president who is assertive, confident, and won’t back down. (That leaves Rubio out) I want a president who isn’t part of and doesn’t want to be part of the Washington elite. (That leaves Cruz out) I want a president who understands that delivering on his promises is what will make him popular with the people. Someone who can not only engage, but bring new people on board, which is exactly what he’s done. Even the GOP admits that the party has grown by millions during the election season. Let’s be fair, we all know why that is. If not for Donald Trump all of those converted voters would be voting Democrat as they always do (like me) and without a doubt, Hillary would be our next president. Is that what you want? Those new voters are here for Trump. I want a president who wants AMERICA TO BE GREAT AGAIN. (And it doesn’t hurt that Trump has been willing to spend millions of his own money to accomplish this)

But, aside from those reasons for voting for Donald Trump, my main reason is what he’s done to me. For me. As I mentioned, I haven’t always voted, especially in recent years. Donald Trump has brought out an energy in America (they’re calling it a movement) that has been long-missing. His passion has engaged Americans (like me) who have long thought the process stopped working or who believed their vote made no difference. So many disparage him for the things he says, but the things he says have been said in living rooms all over the country for decades. I want a president who isn’t afraid to speak for the people without regards to stepping over the line of political correctness.

Many will fault me for this open letter, but ask yourself something. If there aren’t many, many people who feel this way and everything those in opposition say is true, why is his support base growing every day? Those in opposition would like to have you think that America is just full of stupid people. Unrealistic. (And if he WAS able to con so many millions of American’s into believing he was the best candidate when he’s really this horrible person who is out to destroy the party, damn, sign him up! That would make his powers of persuasion the best I’ve ever seen and certainly good enough to talk other countries into his way of thinking.) America is however full of fed up people. As Einstein would say, insanity is repeating an action over and over expecting a different result (paraphrased). Isn’t that what we’ve been doing?

Maybe it’s time to try something different. His popularity is growing because his message rings true.

Something a lot of people don’t realize is that many of the traits Donald Trump is faulted for constantly, are the very traits that will make America great again. He won’t quit. He won’t be bullied into something that isn’t in our best interest. And, most importantly, the man’s ego won’t allow him to lose. Once he wins POTUS, he will have to show everyone who doubted him that he WAS the best candidate for the job. And once he does that, he will have to go bigger and better than any past president. And when his four years are up, he WILL go for four more. A man like Donald Trump never wins enough. For himself or whatever he takes on. It is his nature. Many of his traits make for an unlikable man, but are exactly what we need in a president.

I am not trying to sway anyone and I am not a Trump volunteer. I am one woman who has been given a new reason to care about politics, polls, and elections. A new reason to care about her country and the person to bring about that change was Donald J Trump.

*The reason many people lose interest or give up on the entire process is because they feel their voice doesn’t matter, that their vote doesn’t count. In keeping up with the election process, I’ve heard that if Donald Trump does win the nomination, the GOP is looking for ways to take it from him. Brokering, asking the voters of Florida to ban together and have them all vote for Rubio, not for who THEY truly want. That isn’t the actions of a democracy. So, they tell us our voice matters, but what they mean is it only matters if we are speaking the words they WANT to hear. The GOP needs to get over it, as Herman Cain has said. If the people choose Trump, then Trump it is. Who is the GOP to say who we should want? And a side note – bringing Romney in to talk trash on Trump was not only foolish, but pathetic. He couldn’t pull the nomination out of the basket for himself 4 years ago. If the people didn’t like him enough to vote for him then, what makes the GOP think anyone will listen to anything he has to say now? This is just my opinion, but after begging Trump for an endorsement 4 years ago, and turning on him now, what it tells me is that he was a ‘wanna-be’ turned ‘has been’. Hoping for another fifteen minutes at the expense of someone who was very good to him when he needed it.

It seems establishment Republicans are rather self-serving and turn on each other whenever it suits them.

I can tell you this, if the party finds a way to strip Donald Trump of what he has rightfully earned, his supporters are going to turn on the party. Maybe not every one of them, but enough of them that Hillary will skate into the White House. Mark my words.

It’s gone beyond an election. It’s a Movement!





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