Siafa B. Neal

Today’s guest takes ‘chess club’ to a whole new level. He not only plays competitive chess, but creates new chess games/boards and writes about them. Help me to welcome Siafa B. Neal.

IDI – I haven’t played chess since I was a teenager (My mother forced me to since she loved it and couldn’t get anyone else to play. Once I began beating her, she stopped forcing me!) I remember the rules, but you take standard chess to a whole new level. I have to admit, I’m a bit impressed.

Why don’t we begin with you. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Renaissance_To_The_Dawn_Of_A_New_AgeSN – Chess was taught to me by my Late father David Franklin Neal, Sr.  Over the years chess became boring and I was searching for new styles of chess that were more interesting and complex in nature.  As a result of my efforts, I founded and invented Advance 3-D Matrix Vector Logistics Chess which is an art form of chess played on several types of game board models.  Each distinct model has its distinct rules and regulations of play.  I am currently publishing several books on Model III, The Longitudinal Star Gate 14 Model.  This space-aged model allows for the engagements of four (4) separate distinct chess game sets all at the same instant.  In other words, the game board allows me to challenge four chess players instantaneously and spontaneously in a match; this means that I would have to CHECKMATE my opponents’ Kings at least the best of three out of four games to be declared the winner of the match.  Each chess set has distinct color bands to distinguish one from the other.   Through my books I am attempting to raise the awareness of chess to higher levels of cognitive dynamics.  My books allow chess readers who crave for hours of game entertainment to have mind-boggling and mind-baffling fun.

IDI – Who or what inspired you to become a writer?

SN – My cousin, Robert H. Brown, who is currently a British citizen residing in England and who holds a doctoral degree in English was influential in my decision to pursue a writing career besides my Engineering interests.

IDI – Tell us about your books.

SN – My Advance 3-D Matrix Chess books contain Diagrams, Illustration, Drawings and Photos about the game board and the chess movements.  Equations or Chess Statements are used to describe the movements of the chess pieces relative to one another.  My chess books add excitement and pizzazz to what may seem to be a rather boring regular conventional chess game.   My Advance 3-D Chess books presents the idea of practically playing chess from a 3-Dimensional perspective.  My unique, one-of-a-kind chess books contain Diagrams about the game board, The Longitudinal Star Gate 14 Model, Model III, which makes relearning the games fun and easy to understand.  It is imperative that readers understand the fundamental aspects of conventional chess to allow for the easy digestion of the new information which my chess books so vividly portrays.  My chess books which comes in Print and e-Formats contains Equations or Chess Statements of each movement of the chess pieces relevant to the game(s).  The equations display the symbolic mathematical Greek letters which describes the spatial relationships and relativity of the chess pieces on the game board of the Longitudinal Star Gate 14 Model, Model III.

Writing is a magnificent tool that enables me to promote ideas of Advance Chess to help enlighten others about the new styles and art forms of playing Advance 3-D Chess as opposed to the rather draconian ways of regular conventional chess and to offer some important moral compass for those readers who have an open mind to newer opportunities to explore and to exhaust the tapestry of psychological warfare under the philosophical guidance to exhaust the possibilities to newer, informative approaches to life in general.  My rather unique chess books allows readers to Live for Greatness, the Greatness which comes from their minds and their hearts.  It espouses the philosophy that, “You are what you think, you think, therefore, you are”.  My books dare readers to explore and to rediscover their innate and yet dormant passion for excellence in their quintessential cognition quest along a journey that provides fun and entertainment in the process.Advance_Chess_Inferential_Analysis_Of_Distributive_Cognitive_Logistics

IDI – Where can your books be purchased?

SN – My chess books may be purchased at my author’s webpages which are:

IDI – What do you hope people will gain by reading your books?

SN – Readers who benefits from my books are:
–  Those who may find that the classical game of conventional chess a bit boring.
– Those chess readers who are eager to learn the new, exciting concepts of Advance 3-D Matrix Chess.
–  Those chess readers who are chess enthusiasts and have high expectations of the game.
–  Those readers who have an open mind and are receptive to newer challenges and complexities of Advance chess games.
–  Those readers who seek finger-nail-biting, seat-gripping excitement towards the new exciting games of 3-D chess.
–  Those chess readers who crave for hours of entertainment with non-conventional, out-of-the-box strategic games that are mind-boggling, mind-baffling and mind-blowing.
– Readers who are avid Chess players who may fall in the spectral range ranks of Beginners, Intermediate, Semi-Professionals and Professionals.
–  Readers who play chess as a hobby and who take joy in experiencing for the first time the learning experience about the complexities and challenges of the intense psychological warfare of Matrix Chess.
–  Readers who crave for the ULTIMATE battle plan war games.
–  Chess readers who desperately want to divulge into the pseudo-dynamics and quasi-kinetics World of Chess in order to explore and to exhaust the opportunities to test the plasticity boundary limit ranges of their full spectrum cognitive elasticity cognition capabilities and potentialities.
–  Those chess readers who may want a different perspective to their intelligence test for Logistic and Strategic Diagnostic and Prognostic Analysis.
–  Chess readers who want to acquire the new, exciting gaming knowledge about Advance 3-D Chess and to progress ahead of the learning curve well above the Master and Grand-Masters of the classical games of conventional chess.
–  Chess readers who crave for the ULTIMATE Collector’s book items in chess gaming.

IDI – This is what some have said to be a controversial question. What are your thoughts on Amazon and the reviewing process they use? How much trust do you put into reviews on any given book?

SN – Amazon is a huge venue to advertise your book or any items for that matter.  Millions of books are being advertised on amazon.  The reviewing process that they use seems to be somewhat standard and fair.  The reviewing process gives a kaleidoscopic perspective about an author’s book with insightful information about an advertised book which provides a potential book buyer the necessary tools to make intelligent decisions about whether to make a choice of purchasing a book or the contrary.

IDI – We all like to receive positive reviews. How do you react to a negative review? Be honest.

SN – Negative reviews are the most welcomed perspectives for assessing my writing progress.  I use the constructive negative reviews to make the necessary improvements to my writing style and to assess how others view my work.  The negative reviews helps to indicate the areas in my book that need improvements so that the book may be critique and morph into a master piece that I the author could be proud to republish if necessary.

IDI – Think back to the first book you wrote. Now think back to the last book you wrote. In what ways have you grown?

SN – My writing style have shown improvement and maturity.  The photographic techniques used to take the photos of the games has also improved.  Most notably the playing levels of sophistication of my chess games have also shown tremendous improvements.  I try to make my games last longer with complicated strategic movements and provide logic explanations for the reasoning behind a significant chess movement such as the capture of a piece and the CHECKMATING of the opponents’ kings.

IDI – How long does it generally take you to write a book from the spark of an idea to the finished product?

Advance_Chess_Compilations_Pertaining_to_Random_Access_Problematic_ProbabilitiesSN – The time frame for the general completion of my book is about two months.  I first start  with the sketch of the model used for the games.  Next I purchase the materials for the model and design the model.  Thereafter, I color code the chess pieces and play the games using hybrid variations of positional configuration possibilities.  While playing the games I record the movements and take photos of the games which I use in my manuscript for my book.  I proof read the book and sent the final draft to my publisher.

IDI – Favorite author and why?

SN – My favorite author is Charles Dickens who wrote the Tale of Two Cities.  His book was used as a study sample during my high school education.  His style of writing a more traditional and has an eloquent style of communicating with words that  captivates his reader’s attention.

IDI – When you find yourself in a rut, where do you turn for inspiration?

SN – I consult my mother, Anna B. Neal for general advice and a different perspective on how to resolve the issues that confronts me.  My chess games are delicate and sophisticated that I would take months for an average reader to comprehend the meaning behind the movements of the chess pieces in the Advance 3-D Matrix Chess games.

IDI – How much time/effort do you give to social media as a means of self-promotion?

SN – About 95% of my project time is spent on the social media promoting my books.  Advertising is essential to raise the awareness of the public of the publication of my Advance Chess books.

IDI – What advice would you give to new/unpublished authors?

SN – The publishing business is a competitive market which many authors both well-known, because the readership love their style or genre of writing and unknown because the author may be new to the industry.  It is important that your work in your genre stands out and is exemplary from the crowd of published authors.  A new author may want to use the following questions when critiquing or honing their writing skills:

A.  What makes my work unique?
B.  Why would a reader want to read my novel?
C.  Am I allowing my published work to speak for itself without being so pretentious?
D.  What would compel a reader to purchase my book?
E.  Do I emulate a passion for writing my book?
F.  Am I consistent with my daily rigorous efforts to process and apply my writing skills to my unpublished work?
G.  Do I have what it takes, the love, the passion, the zeal, the time, the resources and the effort to become a successful writer with the awareness that the book publishing industry is a competitive market which implies that the financial rewards may not necessarily be immediate or forth-coming spontaneously?
H.  Am I constantly actively writing my next book despite the fact of accomplishing the current book?
I.  Do I apply the right networking skills and exposure for my books?
J.  How do I relax while writing the manuscripts for my current book or my next near future books?
K.  Do I have the right organizational skills to write my next book in an orderly sequence and format?
L.  How do I augment my Reading, Writing and Speaking skills to meet the growing demands of the book publishing market?

IDI – Siafa, in conclusion, I’d like to share one of your YouTube videos with my readers:

IDI – It truly has been a pleasure and I certainly learned things I never knew about the game. Thank you so much for appearing with me and best wishes for success.

k.e. garvey (formerly and regrettably known as Kathy Reinhart) is the author of ‘THE RED STROKES’, the award-winning ‘LILY WHITE LIES’, and her debut novel, ‘MISSOURI IN A SUITCASE’, (the latter written under the pen name, Nova Scott).
Before venturing into the world of mainstream fiction, Kathy wrote articles of interest for online enthusiast magazines, most notably on the subjects of horses and eventing.
A firm believer in paying it forward, she created and maintains the popular, INK DROP INTERVIEWS, where she features one-on-one question and answer sessions with Indie authors, spotlighting their work and thoughts on the subjects of writing and the publishing industry.
Kathy is currently working on book one in the ‘LIKE A GIRL’ series, with ‘CRY LIKE A GIRL’, due out early 2016.
Aside from the time she can spend with friends and family, a few of Kathy’s other interests include horses, cooking, traveling, antiquing, kayaking, paddle-boarding, and home decorating.


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