Lynn Russell

Today I talk with Lynn Russell, who is not only the author of The Wonder of You, but has also researched with Dr. Jeffery Long. Before we begin, I will let her tell you a bit about herself and her work.

Lynn Russell

Lynn Russell

LR – About ten years ago I was researching material for a novel on NDERF (Near Death Experiences Research Foundation). I, like many people, was fascinated with the near-death phenomenon and enjoyed the chat group there.  That was when Dr. Jeffery Long asked for a volunteer to do research for him and I agreed.

After I had researched a couple hundred cases I started to see hidden messages. As I continued these messages became clearer I and decided these messages were for everyone, thus my book, THE WONDER OF YOU, What the Near Death Experience Tells You About Yourself.

I respect and appreciate all the people who have had experiences and come back to talk about them. Without them we would not have their amazing new information. Although there are many book written by NDErs, each one can only talk about their own individual experience. THE WONDER OF YOU, What the Near Death Experience Tells You About Yourself talks about a very wide range of experiences. It takes the reader through all the different aspects of the experience, explains them in detail and tries to put them together to a clear conclusion.

The main thrust of THE WONDER OF YOU is to show the reader what magnificent creatures they are and how they play an active role in the creation of all they know. And finally, the book looks at a bit of science, although not a lot. I peek at how scientists are discovering a new paradigm for the universe. As Michael Talbot’s book, The Holographic Universe explains, it appears the universe is a hologram. This understanding has put everyone into a spin because it goes against all we know. If everything is a hologram where does that leave us? The conclusion is, we are consciousness and it is that same consciousness that is the spirit that enters the body and lives the life as a human. While there are still some physicists who argue the holographic hypothesis, the concept has gained main-stream acceptance. If we are One with the Loving Light NDErs talk about, then we are indeed amazing creatures.

There are still a thousand questions. Every new understanding opens a door and ten more questions come along with it. Human beings are curious creatures and we don’t rest until we have our answers. We will continue to ask, probe and study to find answers that will lead to new understanding and probably new questions.

IDI – Like most people, I find the topic of ‘near death experiences’ fascinating. Tell us, Lynn, who is your target audience? What aspect of your writing do you feel targets that audience?

LR – Almost all of my books have a spiritual perspective. I want to reach the searchers, those who haven’t come down to settle on one particular spiritual bough. The other audience I aim to reach are those who are well on the way, have built a nest, and it just feels good to have validation and support of like-minded people.

IDI – When did you have your Eureka moment? When did know that you were born to be a writer?

LR – When I was a child other kids repeatedly asked me to tell stories to them. I loved being able to let myself go and allow my imagination to free flow.  Later, as an adult I was asked to write a children’s book and I was hooked.

IDI – What works for you? Give us a rundown of your ‘writing process’ from beginning to finished product.

LR – Generally, I make an outline of the part I am aware of with that particular book and build from there. My books mostly write themselves while I hold on to the steering wheel and try to keep the book aiming in one direction. Not always easy, but fun.

IDI – How important are your reading habits to your writing habits?

LR – Reading is an essential element of writing. You need to read for research and see how other’s put things together. It is also important to spread your reading into all fields. I love to read about science, biology, physics, spirituality, and fiction. In fact it was while reading Dean Koontz that I finally learned how to write. I just couldn’t get the show don’t tell rule. I would think I was showing, but not according to others. Then while I was reading Koontz, there it was staring me right in the face. That literally was the day I became an author.

IDI – What are you working on now? Can we get a peek, an excerpt maybe to tickle our taste buds?

LR – At the present moment I am working on promoting my book on NDEs “THE WONDER OF YOU: What the Near-Death Experience Tells You about Yourself. I have researched 2500 near-death cases and found such wonderful messages coming back that I just wanted to tell everyone about them.

“…The love felt on the other side of life was so completely enmeshed with that reality, it was inseparable. … Those who trekked into eternity felt as though they had become children tenderly embraced by an adoring parent.

It seems Love is the tether that binds the soul to the Source. It was such an integral part of the Being of Light that it was closer than the radiance from the light. It was as close as the molecules of a living organism and the mysterious dark energy of outer space—an inseparable, intricate part of the Being of Love.”

IDI – Define a great book.

LR – For me a great book is one where you are sorry when it ends. This book takes you into the action and holds you there to the last page.

IDI – What is the hardest or most frustrating aspect of writing? Ideas, getting started, writer’s block, re-writing?

LR – Interestingly, I’ve never experienced writer’s block or run out of ideas. The rewrites can get tedious because by the time it’s coming down to the wire, I have stopped seeing the places that can use some help. That’s when I turn to my friends, at least the ones who are willing to tell it like it is. Some people say it’s wonderful, even when it isn’t and so I don’t turn to them. I need to know where things are off and respect criticism.

The Wonder of You

The Wonder of You

IDI – What advice would you give to new/unpublished authors?

LR – Write because you love it and not to become rich and famous. That may happen along the way, but it should not be your main goal.

The second piece of advice I give to would-be authors, is to take courses. Writing a good book is much more than just sitting down and putting words on a page. There are techniques that will turn an ordinary book into one that stands out and shines.

And finally, do your homework both while writing to get the facts right, as well as learning what the publishing world is about. E-books and indie authors have drastically changed publishing and you need to know what the differences are.

IDI – Can you tell us three interesting things about you that you’re sure we don’t already know?

LR – When I was a child I was assessed as mentally slow and put into the “Opportunity Class”. I was in grade two for three years only to learn at age 31 that I was above average in intelligence

Even though I cannot do readings for other people, I am quite psychic. Of course we all are, so that’s not exactly special.

I became a writer because Amblin Entertainment asked me to write a book to go with some little creatures I drew. At the time, I had no idea how to write and by the time I figured it out, Amblin was gone.

IDI – I have visited several psychics in my life, but only one that truly made me sit up and pay attention. To this day, she amazes me. Before we go, you mentioned something you’d like to tell the readers.

LR – Yes.

One day I was at work writing a report on a family I’d recently closed. As I bent over my report, suddenly, I clearly heard a voice speak to me in my head. “I want to use you”.

A flood of emotions smashed through me with a loud crash of chaotic jumble. I was alone and immediately jumped up to open the door and make sure no one had spoken from the hall. No one was there. Slowly I closed the door and returned to my seat while confusion, apprehension, and fear. I wanted to reject the whole thing. Alarm for my sanity rolled around in my thoughts. Then again, I thought, I was perfectly sane a moment before I heard the voice, so why would I think I had lost it in an instant.

What do you want to use me for? I asked the voice…nothing. I want to know what you want from me, then I’ll decide if I’ll do it or not…nothing. I don’t want to be seen as weird or strange, I don’t want to end up like those people who stand on street corners praising the Lord…nothing. Why didn’t you choose a good born-again Christian? I don’t even know the bible…nothing

For the next year I dug in various corners for answers…again nothing. Psychics couldn’t give me any ideas on what I was to do. Ministers and preachers wanted to pray for me and clear out the demons. Eventually I let it go and decided that it was just my imagination.

Four years passed since the voice and I was busy dealing with life and three teenagers; I was stretched as far as I could go. That’s when I heard the voice one more.

Saturday afternoon I was enjoying a donut with my daughter and her friend. Gwen and her friend were giggling over some silly teenage thing when I heard that voice again.

“I still want to use you, you know,” it clearly said.

My instant reaction was one of surrender. “Okay,” I willingly thought, “but, I have nothing left to give.”

“Don’t worry,” the voice returned, “I am preparing you now.”

That happened 32 years ago, and I have heard nothing. Again I decided it was just my imagination until I was writing, “The Wonder of You”, then I got a clear picture telling me this book and the one proving Oneness are what I am to do. About a week or so ago, I got the message that it was time to tell this story to everyone.

IDI – With all of the skepticism among people on such subjects, I know you must get mixed reactions. I find the subject matter fascinating and would love to learn more. Lynn, thank you so much for appearing with me today. It’s been a pleasure.

LR – Thank you for having me.

k.e. garvey (formerly and regrettably known as Kathy Reinhart) is the award-winning author of Lily White Lies and The Red Strokes

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