Eva Gould

It’s been a busy week for me, between writing, packing, planning, too many calls to mention, lock-changing, etc, etc, etc,… I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get to this week’s interview, at least not by Wednesday, but… Here it is, help me to welcome Eva Gould, author of THE SCARLET.

IDI – Welcome, Eva! (Some) writer’s have been known to be ‘eccentric’, from keeping rotting apples in a desk drawer to only being able to write while wearing fuzzy pink slippers. Do you have any quirks or superstitions that have become as integral to good writing as plot and character?

EG – I do have one thing; I can only write when I’m tired, the plot flows out of me that way. If I’m too awake I’ll wait for a couple hours and then try again. I do my best not to think while I’m writing, that just seems to slow me down.

IDI – It’s amazing what works best for each individual. Tired is my worst time to try to get anything done. Guaranteed not to come out right.

Sometimes I’m asked why I write and I reply, ‘I’m either creative or a pathological liar – no one knows for sure’. Actually, I think (in part) that writing is almost like being schizophrenic, but without the personalities coming out verbally. Seriously, we ‘become’ the people we write, at least for a time and to a certain degree. We have to feel what they feel, think what they think, and know what they know… so how can we not ‘be’ them? Agree? Disagree? What are your thoughts?

EG – I completely agree with you here. I think that you can learn a lot about someone’s personalities from the way that they write, and who their characters are. You just have to read between the lines. I think it’s always interesting to learn about the authors that way, and then to read the little blurb about them and see how they correspond.

IDI – Favorite author, and why?

EG – My favorite author would probably be Piers Anthony, because I love his writing style. He creates this world that makes no sense and kind of just says “This is my story, I’ll do what I want.” And I love it! I love his sense of humor!

IDI – Best seller, feature film adaption, fame, riches, Oprah (who by the way has started her Book club 2) or a Pulitzer. What is your dream?

EG – Quite honestly, my dream is to be modestly well-known in the publishing world. Do I want to be a writer for money? Ha ha ha! That’s like being a singer for money, it doesn’t work that way. I just want to make people happy through my book(s), and I know if they tried it they’d like it. That’s the dream, and it’s all mine.

IDI – I’ve heard arguments for each side, but when writing, do you outline or sketch the entire book before you feel comfortable enough to begin your draft or do you prefer to fly by the seat of your jockey’s?

EGOh my goodness! I love winging it, I love it. When I started this book it was just supposed to be a short story, but it just grew and grew because there was so much I wanted to add! I have to say, I surprised myself by how it ended, it kind of sneaked up on me! I think that just makes the writing funner.

IDI – Were you planning on publishing your book when you wrote it?

EG – If you had told me I would be an author when I started this book I would have laughed you out of the door.  In fact, it was meant to be a short story for my personal amusement, and it just sort of grew and grew into this project that I knew I couldn’t end till I was published. Even now, after the publishing I am still working on it. Let me tell you, books aren’t something you can just publish and quit!

IDI – Where do you see yourself in five years? Where did you see yourself five years ago? Did you make it there?

EG – Five years ago I imagined that I would be ensconced in some generic college, becoming an English teacher. I can’t imagine a bigger difference from where I am now, but I wouldn’t give up my current life for any dream I had then, I love my life and my cat and my garden. In another three years I hope to become an author of another three books, and just be happy, because that’s my ultimate goal in life.

IDI – What’s the best advice ever given to you, and by whom?

EG – It wasn’t advice so much as a statement that drove me. I once told a man who I wanted to be an editor, and he said “Those who can’t write edit!” That really got under my skin and just made me even more determined, and here I am!

IDI – In so many books, there are characters that claim that they are in love after they have known each other only briefly. Do you believe in this, or apply this to your writing?

EG – I don’t believe it. I know that I put this in my book, but that was purely by accident. The book spans over a week or two, but I worked on it for so long it feels like it should have spanned months!  Sometimes when you’re writing those details just get away from you.

IDI – Thank you, Eva. It was a pleasure talking with you and I wish you the very best of luck with your writing!

Interested in knowing more about Eva’s book? You can check it out here

I’ll give you all an extra shot of recommended reading next week while I tend to a zillion other things this week. Thank you all for tuning in to Ink Drop Interviews, I truly do appreciate your support.

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Ink Drop Interviews are conducted each Wednesday by Kathy Reinhart, author of MISSOURI IN A SUITCASE, the award-winning LILY WHITE LIES and the upcoming THE RED STROKES, coming late 2012 and THE CAR DEALERS CRASH, 2013.

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