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This week, I am excited to welcome the multi-talented Aaron Patterson to Ink Drop Interviews. Aside from being a #1 Amazon Kindle bestseller, he is the author of titles such as, ‘Sweet Dreams’, ‘Dream On’, ‘In Your Dreams’, ‘Airel’ and more. Aaron is also a publisher, a speaker, a motivator and a blogger at The Worst Book Ever 

IDI – Aaron, you wear many hats (successfully), but today I would like to concentrate on your writing. Why do you write fiction?

AP – For me it is a way to get out some emotions that in most of our normal lives is not ‘okay’. In a way, it is therapy. I can express anger, guilt, fear and love through a story and it helps to clear my mind and heart. Writing is something that for me is very personal, and I try to open up and let it flow. It can be scary because once it is done, a lot of my heart is out there for all to see. But it is how I process.

IDI – Who is your target audience?

AP – Women and girls. Mystery thriller novels just attract women and my YA books do the same. When I first wrote, ‘Sweet Dreams’, I thought the guys would dig it, but all the ladies bought it and so I had to change how I marketed a little to keep that in mind.

IDI – When people ask my why I write, I usually reply with, ‘I’m either creative or a pathological liar… I’m not sure which’, (just for shock value). Actually, I think (in part) that writing is almost like being schizophrenic, but without the personalities coming out verbally. Seriously, we become the people we write, at least for a time. We have to feel what they feel, think what they think, know what they know… so how can we write them and not ‘be’ them. Agree? Disagree? What are your thoughts?

AP – I agree… sometimes I feel like I have all these voices in my head and they all want to come out and play. Each story is a part of me and so when I write a really bad guy it creeps me out a little.

IDI – Something every writer is asked to the point of exhaustion – where do you get your ideas?

AP – From everything I see and hear. I have so many ideas that I have a special folder on my PC to keep them. Most will end up as short stories and some will make it into a full novel.

IDI – What’s your dream? Fame, money, movie, Pulitzer?

AP – I want to write 100 books before I die. I am a bestseller on Amazon and that’s cool, but, it would also be cool to see one book go to a movie. But, what author doesn’t want that?

IDI – There are arguments for each side, but when writing, do you outline or sketch the entire book before you feel comfortable enough to begin your draft or do you prefer to fly by the seat of your jockey’s?

AP – I sit down with just a spark of an idea and start writing. No outline, no clue what is going to happen… that is why I write, it is fun!

IDI – Pen and paper or computer and Word? The bustle of Barnes and Noble or the quiet of your study? Alone or within a writing group? Tell us, what is your most productive/inspiring setting?

AP – I like to write on my laptop in a coffee shop. the background noise helps to keep my mind moving and if I get stuck in a plot or something, I can listen in on conversations and get my mind off what I am doing.

IDI – You’ve already said that each story is a part of you. How much of you will we find in one of them?

AP – A lot. I am not scared to open up and expose who I am or what I feel. I really believe that it comes across and all great writers must write without fear!

IDI – I definitely agree with that. To be successful, there can be no fear.

Would you say that writing is an addiction for you?

AP – Absolutely. I tend to get hooked on something or someone and it can consume my every thought. I decided a long time ago not to have an addiction that does not pay. Writing is not something I just like doing, it is something I NEED to do. Because it fits my little plan and makes money, I am comfortable keeping this little habit.

IDI – Online cafe’s or writer’s groups (aside from social networking). Do you belong to any and if so, help or harm?

AP – I belong to one, but only because they are all doing something. It’s the one my co-author is in and most in the group are writing and getting published. I find most groups are full of writers that will never do anything. I do not want to hang with people who are not getting to put feet to their dreams.

IDI – What was the best advice ever given to you, and by whom?

AP – My mom. Her advice for women. “Men fall in love with what they see and women fall for what they hear.” This helps my writing to make sure what I say in word will create emotion. This is also why most men do not read, lol.

IDI – That might very well be one of the best answers I’ve ever received to that question! 

What advice would you give to new/unpublished authors?

AP – Learn Social Media Marketing. No matter how you publish, the marketing is on you. This is a new world and you must learn how to interact online if you want to make it as a writer.

IDI – In your opinion, what are the biggest misconceptions new authors have about the publishing industry?

AP – That they need an agent – that big publishers care about reading and the art of books. They fail to see that it is a business, a business making money and it uses authors to do so. Everything is changing and most publishers are so far behind the times and writers are looking to them for advice when they don’t even know what to do themselves.

IDI – I know I have ideas that cross the line of  my usual genre. Do you have any such ideas wandering around and if so, what’s your outlook on genre-crossing?

AP – I plan to try out some romance, in the Nicholas Sparks type of way. But, I really love thrillers and YA paranormal, so I plan to camp there for a long time.

IDI – They say know the rules and then you can break them. Which ones do you find yourself breaking the most and does it work for you?

AP – I break the rules of genre. I cross them all the time and the literary peeps hate it but the rest of the world loves it, so I guess that works for me.

IDI – Everyone has visions of where they see themselves in the future, be it a year or five. Where do you see yourself in five years? Where did you see yourself five years ago? Did you make it there?

AP – I will have 15 or so titles out in 5 years. My publishing house will be bringing a million a year and I might hand it off to a new CEO so that I can play a little.

In 10 years I plan to have 30 or so titles and be speaking about publishing and eBooks all over the country. More play, less publishing work.

5 years ago I never thought I would have any books out let alone a publishing house. I had a plan to have 10 authors in the first year and we ended with 20. Things are going great!

IDI – I love success stories!

What are you working on now. Can we get a peek?

AP – I am working on Michael, book 2 in the Airel saga. Here is an unedited teaser.

Michael woke as something wet hit his face. His eyes flashed open and it took a moment to adjust to what he was seeing and for him to remember where he was and what happened.

Standing over him was a huge demon with one wing and a broken second one. It stood over thirty feet tall and had a heavy thick belly and was bleeding dark blood from its side.

“Good, you are awake,” It spoke in a deep gritty voice and spit snot and a dark black good as it lips smacked together. “The master will be glad to have you back in the fold boy—you gave us a go, but you are no match for the calling.”

Michael’s head was pounding and when he tried to move a sharp pain bolted up him left side. It felt like every rib in his body was broken. He looked down to see a spine of bone sticking out of his ribcage just under his pectoral.

He groaned.

“That’s right, you are done for boy, but not before I get what I need out of you, tell me where the bloodstone is—the Seerstone!”

Michael shook his head, but even that hurt. He was propped up against a thick tree. How did he get here, where was here?

“I don’t have it—lost”


The monster swung its large tail ripping down any tree or shrub in its path. Dust and leaves flew in all directions and Michael could see past him beyond the thick jungle to the sea. He was on an island—he must have washed up and… something. Where was Airel? The last he could remember she was fighting for her life with Hex and his demon.

Michael coughed and pain racked his body. He almost passed out but managed to keep from doing so. He looked again at the bone like thing sticking out of his body. It was not his, maybe a tail bone from a demon, or some sort of weapon made by hand, not that it mattered, he was in bad shape.

“I don’t have it… I lost it—maybe Kreios took it, that’s why we are hunting him.”

IDI – One last question, Aaron. As a writer, what is the one thing you would most like people to know about you?

AP – That I am a person. I have feelings and that writing is art. if a book is not for you or it is for you, remember that a person opened up to bring you that work, handle with care.

IDI – Aaron, thank you so much for joining me today and giving such a wonderful interview. I wish you the best of luck with your goals. Something tells me you’ll meet every one head-on.

If you’re interested in learning more about Aaron and his work, I can hook you up!

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Blog: The Worst Book Ever 



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