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This week on Ink Drop Interviews, the very talented Bri Clark…

IDI – Before we start talking about  your writing, tell us, what is an ordinary day in the life of Bri Clark?

BC – Well, I wake up at 4:50 AM for an hour of walking and then 20 minutes of yoga. Then it’s scripture and prayer and getting 4 kids off to school. Home, shower and dress and do some light cleaning. I then work for clients and myself for about 7 hours. I cook dinner, clean and help with homework before family scripture study and prayer. Once the kids go to bed I work or read for 1-3 more hours and I’m in bed by 11:00 PM.

IDI – That’s a full day! Bri, when did you have your Eureka moment? When did you know you were born to be a writer?

BC – I never had a Eureka moment. I owned a successful real estate and construction company with my husband and then lost it all. In my greatest trial I revisited my love for writing and then just decided I’m going to be an author. Here I am three years later.

IDI – What are you working on now? Can we get a peek?

BC – Oh, you had to ask that! But of course. I call this my year of sequels. I’m working on ‘Eternal witch’, the sequel to my debut release ‘Familial Witch’. It released a year ago this February. I can share a little tidbit but bear in mind, it’s unedited.

Unsure if he could even open it, Lucien ran his hand along the cover. His fingers brushed the same Peony that represented Aisleen printed on the top of the book, the distinct smell of rose in the air, while his own living birthmark of lightning bolts and a half-moon burned on the skin of his chest. Agony overtook him as the Peony shined…still he did not withdraw his hand. Then the pain left him, the book opened, and the pages turned of their own accord. Lucien looked on in shock as the magic of the Familial Witch worked before his eyes.

A reverent ghostlike calm filled the atmosphere of the cottage as the pages slowed, fluttered, and then stopped. There in front of him was the very spell he sought: Summoning the Mother Goddess. Lucky for Lucien being alive for two centuries meant he had learned a thing or two. The list of ingredients, he knew well. Aisleen’s organization was impeccable. Each herb was stored in alphabetical order without labels. His eyes sought her offering his approval. But she lay still…too still.

Eyes back on the book, he began to read the directions. when finished, he gathered the supplies, only stopping to look at Aisleen one more time before going outside. Snow covered the ground in a blanket of deathly cold. the mist Trinity Forest was known for hovered just above the snow pack. His pace quickened to the spot just beyond her crude fence where the fog cleared as though if magic.

Lucien walked a wide berth, dragging a stick creating a circle in the snow. Still using the same crude tool he drew lines within the sphere creating five points, identical to the symbols in Aisleen’s book. On top of the cover, he pinched and folded in the powdered ingredients from her herb storage. Then sprinkled the mixture at the top of each point before finally kneeling before the top, last point with the leftovers of the powder, he ripped his shirt open revealing his mark of the Goddess and spoke the enchantment.

I call upon my creator,

My mother,

My goddess. 

She who touched me,

She who knows me,

She who loved me.

Hear me great Goddess…

I implore they mercy

And invite they presence.

IDI – You said this is your year of sequels. How many are you planning? Do you always write in a series?

BC – I have three sequels set to release this year. ‘The Eternal Witch’, the sequel to ‘The Familial Witch’, ‘Venim’ the sequel to ‘Glazier’, and ‘A Warlock’s Honor’, the sequel to ‘Scent of a Witch’. However, I don’t know if I will reach that goal. I’m really pushing though. My other job gets more of my attention as of late. Yes, it seems I’m incapable of writing a stand alone. However, I’m going to give it a go. I have a short story I’m hoping to pull into a standalone and build on.

IDI – You mentioned another job. A lot of authors have day jobs. What is yours and how do you balance it with you writing?

BC –  I own a consulting company called Belle Consulting. I’m a literary strategist there. But that’s all I’ll say about it. I’m not here to promote my business. However, the fact that it is connected to my writing career helps me find time to write and continue to promote my own work.

IDI – Are your stories plot or character driven?

BC – Character driven all the way. I always start out with a rough mental outline but leave myself open to the flow of the story. The direction in which characters reactions and personalities lead. I’m a staunch believer in your characters shape you story, not vice versa.

IDI – A question every author is asked to the point of exhaustion – where do you get your ideas?

 BC – Reading other books. I am an avid reader and reviewer. but my techniques are different in that I’ll be reading a historical and come up with an idea for my paranormal.

IDI – Everyone has their own dream. What’s yours… best seller, feature film adaption, fame, riches, Pulitzer?

BC – My dream is enough. I know that sounds crazy. But truly I’ve lived the six figure income, drove a Jaguar, lived in the big house. Then lost it all. I’m happy with enough. I know how much I need to make to live comfortably monthly. Anything I make over that is cake. At this point, I make almost enough from my consulting. I hope my book sales will make up that last little bit.

IDI – What’s the best advice ever given to you and by whom?

BC – Vincent Zandri did a blog post once about how Hemmingway always started his day at dawn and stopped in a manuscript where he knew exactly what would happen next. And it’s been extremely productive advice.

IDI – I know I have ideas for stories that cross over the lines of my usual genre. Do you have any such ideas wandering around and if so, what’s your outlook on genre crossing?

BC – I totally get this idea. In my book after ‘The Eternal Witch’, ‘The Vampires Witch’, I’m going to be bringing in elements of my favorite historical era, Regency England, into my paranormal. We will see how it goes.

IDI – And I hope it goes very well for you! It has been a pleasure having you today and I would like to leave the readers with links to your sites.






I would like to thank everyone for stopping by and remind you to check out my first Egg-cerpt Exchange with fellow author Zrinka Jelic.

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