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The week between Christmas and New Year… The time of year when we are forced to put the festivities and the excitement of the season behind us and buckle down and begin thinking about resolutions. Personally, I have wised up to the whole resolution game. I have realized it’s a game of odds. If we make and keep one resolution, we are a success. But, we all know how hard they are to keep, so to beat the odds, make several. That’s right, the more we make, the more chance we have of keeping even one. And if we keep two… Well, we’ll have everyone wondering where we get our resolve as they struggle to keep the one they made.

Seriously, they can be difficult to keep, but I try to make at least one ‘writing’ resolution every year. I don’t always make it but the chances of success are greater than that of any weight goal I would be foolish enough to make. Needless to say, me and Jenny aren’t friends yet!

As you all relax after Christmas, please take a minute in helping me to welcome Gerald Griffin to Ink Drop Interviews…

Born in Flint, Michigan and receiving his AS and BBA degrees in his home town, Gerald obtained his Ph.D in psychology from Michigan State University. Upon graduation, he moved to Atlanta Georgia, there joining the practice of another psychologist. A year later, Gerald set up his own private practice in Atlanta as a Consulting Psychologist, his professional activities including marriage counseling, psychotherapy, diagnostics and executive consultation. While in practice he wrote the published non-fiction book, ‘The Silent Misery – Why Marriages Fail’. During his 18 years of practice he also wrote the three published novels, ‘The Corrupters’, ‘The Death Disciple’ and ‘The Last Coming’. Easing out of private practice, Gerald eventually moved to Gainesville, Georgia and went into writing full-time, at first concentrating on screenplays and ghost-writing, producing two published ghost written books. Returning to novels, he then wrote the published thriller. ‘Of Good and Evil’, and is presently putting the final touches to its sequel, ‘A Time of Reckoning’. Gerald is divorced, with two grown sons, and is presently engaged.

 IDI – Gerald, tell us, when did you have your Eureka moment. When did you know that you were born to be a writer?

GG I knew it in the 9th grade. At the time I was reading about ‘King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table’. I decided then that I wanted to write a similar adventure story, so I did, chapters and all, entitled, ‘Sir Griffin and the Fair Princess Velva’ (Velva, a girl in my class that I had a crush on). My teacher found out about the book and read it chapter by chapter to the class, a new chapter each day. Naturally it was never published, but it unleashed the writing bug in me.

IDI – What can you tell us about your current release?

GG – ‘Of Good and Evil’, is a timely spellbinding suspense thriller of nobility and humanity in an unusual battle against tyranny. A page-turner story of harrowing action, with vibrant characters and international locals, the novel is a hard-charging tale of a gifted Green Beret, Ron Sheffield, discharged from the service for going ‘crazy,’ and from there the fireworks begin. Falling in love, initiating a captivating romance, Ron and his beloved, Amber Ash, are thrust into perilous ventures, among them: being sought out for death by an unsavory government cell because of secret documents Ron possesses; battles with the Mafia and terrorists; conflicts with a secret society with powers beyond imagination; discovering plans of the 9/11 terrorist attacks beforehand but their warnings ignored, resulting in chaos; Ron having no choice but to become a special hit man for the Mafia to save his sanity; and Ron facing an impossible confrontation with a covert Al Qaeda terrorist cell at the moment it is bout to bring off the nuclear obliteration of a major American city. The reader is engrossed in humanity, villains, hate, love, friendship and sorrow, all intermixed in one enticing, ongoing conflict keeping the reader on edge. There’s never a dull moment.

IDI – What inspired you to write this particular story?

GG – World and internal events affecting our country’s national security, particularly the 9,11 terrorist attacks; and the need for emphasis on the unresolved psyche trauma affecting our service men and woman returning to civilian life from military fighting overseas.

IDI – What are you working on  now? Can we get a peek, an excerpt maybe to tickle our taste buds?

GG – I’m putting the polishing touches to ‘A Time of Reckoning’, another jarring, action-packed suspense thriller — with periods of comic relief from two FBI agents disgraced in the previous novel. For tickling the taste buds, following is an excerpt involving these two agents, Claude Williams and Rick Hahn:

Williams paused, adjusting his spectacles, though they needed no adjustment. He was troubled more by Hahn’s erratic searching about than by the lack of evidence. “Didn’t you hear me? There’s no danger.”

“Out here, there’s always danger.”

Giving up on the futility of reasoning with Hahn, Williams attempted to merge his partner’s irrationally into the matter at hand. He said grimly, “In my estimation, there weren’t killing by other illegal itinerants. Everything’s too clean.” He rubbed his chin, ignoring Hahn, speaking more to himself. “Professionals.”

Initially, Hahn regarded Williams’ comments as wearisome details of little concern to him. But the word ‘professionals’ heightened his fear.

Hahn instantly looked directly at Williams, pointing a finger at him. “You see?” Hahn screeched restlessly with a rush of adrenalin, his eyes distending. “That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you.” A sudden conviction caused him to shiver and his sentences began to falter, his words tumbling out in a torrent. “And I know the professional responsible: the Red Barron! He’s the culprit behind all of this. Yes. He’s the only one who… who can leave a crime scene as clean as the one you’ve just described.”

Williams stared at him without speaking.

Hahn pointed his finger toward the crowd of policemen. And he’s out there! Waiting to kill us!”

Williams straightened. “What the…?”

But Williams couldn’t speak, his expression incredulous. He found Hahn’s words incomprehensible, causing him to gape. When Williams found his voice again, he exclaimed, “The Red Baron?!” He hesitated once more, beyond embarrassment. “For chirstsakes, Rick, what…”

“I know it was him. He’s mixed up in this somehow.”

Williams groaned, blanched. For a moment his tongue seemed cemented to his jaw. Then, “Damn, man, what’s with you? Has the heat fried your brains?” He bit his lip and shook his head. “The Red Baron is Mafia. Why in hell would the mob have any interest in these poor devils?”

“They could have seen something they shouldn’t have.”

“Like a Gila monster or rattlesnake?” Williams snorted mockingly. His eyebrows shot up as he frowned. “Get real Rick! This case is screwy enough without you going bananas on me.”

IDI – Define a great book.

GG – To me, a great book is one that is crisp, clean and clear, with vivid and vibrant characters resonating perfectly with an innovative galloping plot hitting hard and hitting fast without a dull moment, keeping the reader on edge and glued to the book from start to finish.

IDI – Everyone has their own dream, what’s yours, best seller, feature film adaption, Pulitzer? What is it you’re reaching for?

GG – From those choices I’d say best seller. That would mean that I have pleased my readers — I love my readers — and that the book was worthy enough to attract vastly more readers. I guess what I’m saying is that my dream is to develop my writing skills to the point that I can write a book worthy enough to please a large number of readers by holding them in awe.

 IDI – What advice would you give to new/unpublished authors? 

 GG – Once you start writing a book, finish writing that book. Don’t become distracted. Write every day while never letting your passion, dedication and discipline slip. They are what will carry ou through.

 IDI – If a movie were made about your life, who would you want to play the lead role, and why?

 GG – Al Pacino. Outside of being an outstanding actor whose acting i admire, I feel he could accurately portray with gusto the energy, passion, intellectual reflectiveness, emotional nuances and, at times, the quiet introversion characteristic of myself.

IDI – Tell us about the best fan letter you have received.

GG – This is a toughie regarding ‘Of Good and Evil’. A close call. But one which comes to mind is the one from Meg Collins in Maryland, as follows:

“I am elated to read a brilliant mastermind in this writing genre, as yourself, and am thrilled at being enthralled in a novel of this outstanding caliber.”

IDI – Why should we read your book?

GG – Not wanting to sound like a carnival barker blatantly promoting his novel, I’ll let my reviewers, below, tell you why you should read ‘Of Good and Evil’.

“An absolute must read! It’s not  your typical fight between good ad evil and the suspense will grab hold of you and keep you turning the pages.” ~Starr Reina, Suspense Magazine

“Of Good and Evil is a novel so finely written, so well plotted and paced, tha the reader is immediately draw into the book from the first page. In creating the character of Ron Sheffield, Gerald Griffin has proven himself to be a writer of extraordinary skills. That Mr. Griffin is able to use mere words to introduce the reader to Ron Sheffield is nothing short of breathtaking — it is not often that a writer can make so complex a character, a person with such internal torments and external gifts, resonate so perfectly with a plot an locations that keep the reader glued to the book from start to finish.” ~Rick Friedman, Founder, The James mason Community Book Club

IDI – Thank you, Gerald for appearing on Ink Drop Interviews and sharing your work with us. I always enjoy the answers I receive from authors who do not write within my usual genre. I learn much about our differences.

For anyone whose interested has been piqued by Gerald’s excerpt or by the wonderful reviews of his work, ‘Of Good and Evil’ can be purchased online at:


Barnes & Noble:


To contact Gerald:




 Ink Drop Interviews are conducted by Kathy Reinhart, author of the award-winning ‘Lily White Lies’ and ‘Missouri in a Suitcase’. Her current novel, ‘The Red Strokes’ is due out summer 2012.

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