Elle Amberely

Okay… I’ve been away for a while so I won’t waste any time in getting to this weeks interview with Elle Amberley. Elle chose approximately 10 questions to answer in the hopes of letting you get to know her a little bit.

IDI – Elle, when did you know that you were born to be a writer?

EA – I can’t really remember a time when I was not writing. I’ve always loved it, used to spend hours writing and rewriting essays at school, tweaking them til the last-minute. Only problem was I never liked rules or having my imagination restricted, it didn’t always go down with some of my teachers.

IDI – Do you have a favorite author?

EA – I don’t have one favorite author, I love reading far too much to be able to pinpoint just one author. My tastes vary and evolve, I’ve found myself reading books I never would have thought of picking up before. It depends on my mood and how much time I have. Also, I’m far more impatient than I used to be and will discard a book if I can’t get on with it.

 IDI – Pen and paper or computer and Word? The bustle of Barnes and Noble or the quiet of your study? Alone or within a writing group? Tell us, what is your most productive/inspiring setting?

EA – I often write in the middle of complete chaos. Well, not quite, but I home school so I’m always on call. I’ve adapted somehow and can quite easily let my first drafts flow out while having my children playing around me. Sometimes I need more peace and this is when you’ll find me writing in the middle of the night.

I have a study but use it more for editing when I need to concentrate. I love looking out on our garden, so peaceful.

My Mac is my most precious possession, I fell in love with it the moment I was shown what I could do with it and how fast it was.

IDI – We all draw from within and I believe there is an element of ‘us’ in everything we write. How much of you will a reader find in any given book?

EA – It depends on the book, some have more or less of me in them. I draw on experiences and reactions, rather than real people. I think any writer does to a certain degree.

IDI – I know I have ideas for stories that cross over the lines of my usual genre. Do you have any such ideas wandering around and if so, what’s your outlook of genre crossing?

EA – I don’t like labels and I’ve never fitted in any box. I write in different genres, it’s the way I am. I don’t really think in those terms either. I just write and switch from one to the other. I always have several different projects on the go.

Sometimes I want to write a romantic novel, then a short story or a poem. then I see the news, see red and react by writing about it. So, I’m hard to label and since I don’t like labels, I’m not even going to try to conform.

  IDI – What do you do when you’re not writing?

 EA – I play with my children and also we travel a lot. the one thing I do every day, come rain or shine is swim. I even go out there when it snows, it’s an amazing feeling. I love being in the water, it relaxes me and helps me focus. I often have my best ideas when in our pool or in the shower.

 IDI – Define a great book.

EA – One you can’t put down, one that makes you laugh or cry… surprises you. I want to be transported like I was a child, books helped me cope with a difficult childhood, provided evasion.

IDI – What do you find to be the hardest aspect of writing?

EA – Writing to me comes naturally. I get an idea in my head and I run with it. The final edits is when I get a bit bored, a bit frustrated, when I wonder if the story is any good. I find myself faced with a paradox. Part of me wants to let go and the other fears it might need more tweaking. Left to my own devices, I’d never get anything published, I need somebody to lay down the law and say it’s time.

IDI – Have you ever experienced writer’s block, and if so, how do you overcome it?

EA – Writer’s block? Never had it, it sounds awful. I don’t know h ow I’d cope. I can’t imagine not writing.

IDI – What are your thoughts on the ever-changing publishing industry. What do you see for the future, as a writer?

EA – I think people will always want to read good stories. At the moment, the trend is going more in favor of ebooks. I’ve not been converted yet, I love going into bookshops far too much. You could quite easily lose me in there. My husband says they’re my equivalent to sweet shops.

IDI – They have the same effect on me. I have an eReader but will never stop purchasing bound books.

Elle, thanks for being my guest this week. I wish you the best in all of your writing endeavors and hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.

About the author:

Although she is a British author, Elle Amberley likes to dabble in French too and hopes to resume work on her French novel when time allows. She also enjoys writing articles on women’s issues and whatever she feels passionate about, as well as poetry and short stories.

Check out her website http://www.elleamberley.co.uk for more news

Feel free to befriend her on Facebook and Twitter

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