Lily White Lies by Kathy Reinhart

Kathy Reinhart:

I was invited to participate in a new site dedicated to authors and their work, called ‘First Chapters’ ( The site was created by David Conway, an author himself. As you all know, I am a firm believer in paying it forward and have been spotlighting Indie authors on Ink Drop Interviews for three years. Check out David’s site and let him know what you think!


Originally posted on First Chapters:


Meg Embry has a closet full of dreams. Her problem is that all of the hangers are empty. A doting granddaughter, a submissive fiancé and a struggling business owner, she doesn’t know if who she is, is who she wants to be. Will she end up like her kind-hearted but felonious grandfather, her eccentric, vodka-drinking grandmother or her moonstruck aunt? If she’s honest, the best answer is ‘none of the above.’

Armed with nothing more than the support of her two closest friends, Cory who can make her laugh and Charlotte who will let her cry and the forbidden but growing interest in a handsome stranger, Meg learns that what she wants isn’t necessarily what she needs, and that sometimes love, family and betrayal are bound together forever by lily white lies.

Kathy Reinhart is the author of the award-winning LILY WHITE LIES, and her debut novel, MISSOURI IN A…

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3 thoughts on “Lily White Lies by Kathy Reinhart

  1. Just like you Kathy to pull for others, while enjoying their progress/success as if it was your very own. What a beautiful, engaging cover! Thanks also for sharing David’s link. Happy writing :)

    • What a sweet thing to say, thank you very much. David’s site appears to have taken off to a wonderful start and I wish him continued success with it. I have an appreciation for anyone capable and willing to pay it forward.

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