Lily White Lies – FREE!

Mark your calendars!

Sunday July 22nd, 2012 – One day only and for the first time

The award-winning and 5-star rated and reviewed


FREE for Kindle

In anticipation of my upcoming release, THE RED STROKES, I am happy to offer my award-winning novel, LILY WHITE LIES for free on Amazon. I have given away 3000 copies of my first novel, MISSOURI IN A SUITCASE (under the pen name Nova Scott) and hope to surpass that number with this giveaway.

All I ask is that you take a quick minute to either rate it, review it or drop me a quick note to tell me what you thought. As with anything, positive feedback and comments not only help with sales, but more importantly, let authors know if we’re captivating our audience. Your opinions mean more than you know….

But, even if you can’t leave a word or two – I hope you’ll enjoy the book… on me!

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